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Carol Lomicky Hearing Program Champion
Carol Lomicky

Hearing Loop Advocacy Journey By Carol S. Lomicky I received my bachelor and master’s degrees…

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Richard Miller and Jeanne Butler
Richard L Miller

When we launched the Kearney Creates website, one of our hopes would be that viewers…

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Betty Kort
Betty Kort

You would be right if you thought that title indicated an artist whose imagination and…

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Dani Gilsdorf

I grew up on a farm in western Nebraska, where my love of nature and…

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Sondra L Jonson
Sondra Jonson

For Sondra Jonson, her career in art has been the fulfillment of a childhood dream.…

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Elizabeth Clark

Libby Clark has been a painter in Kearney, Nebraska, for 20 years. Kearney is where…

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John Raimondi working on his sculpture - Michael
John Raimondi

John Raimondi’s career as a sculptor began with the models he built in the apartment…

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Caplan Bonnie Music Harp Publicity Head Shot
Bonnie Caplan

The phone rings by my beside at 6:30 a.m. Monday May 1, 2022. The caller…

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