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Richard L Miller

When we launched the Kearney Creates website, one of our hopes would be that viewers would suggest people, groups, or works they think should be on the site. ...
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Elizabeth Clark

Libby Clark has been a painter in Kearney, Nebraska, for 20 years. Kearney is where she has enjoyed participating in the annual Art in the Park as well as a c ...
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Bonnie Caplan

The phone rings by my beside at 6:30 a.m. Monday May 1, 2022. The caller I.D. tells me it’s Bonnie Caplan. I had just added her to my contacts a few days befo ...
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Ruth Behlmann

Granny B.-aka Ruth Ann Behlmann-became interested in photography when she was very young. Her two older sisters let her put the film into their box cameras. I ...
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Kearney School Student Art Exhibits 2021-22

According to Mikaela Richmond, Art Teacher at Kearney’s Park and Northeast Elementary Schools, student art is exhibited twice annually, once at the mall and, ...
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Shirley Buettner

Shirley Buettner (1934-2008) described a love of her rural environment.
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Susanne George Bloomfield

Born on a farm in Minden, Nebraska, I moved to Kearney at age 13 when my father became Head of the Printing Department at Kearney State College. I spent my te ...

Jack Karracker

Jack will be fondly remembered as an artist, educator and museum founder. He was one of three people who founded the Museum of Nebraska Art. He was honored to ...
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Larry Peterson

Drawing his inspiration from the prairie landscapes and seasons, Larry Peterson revealed to audiences the magic of the Plains in both his artwork and art inst ...
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Dwaine Spieker

Who is Dwaine Spieker? One of university of Nebraska-Kearney’s most accomplished graduates! One of Nebraska’s most award-winning poets! A teacher with a heart ...
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