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Carol Lomicky

When we launched Kearney Creates, we promised visitors to the site that we would try to post entries on every aspect of the arts and culture scene in Kearney. ...
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Betty Kort

You would be right if you thought that title indicated an artist whose imagination and sympathies and concerns are passionate and far reaching and profound. Y ...
Categories: Art, Literature

Family Fun Fest

Saturday, April 30, 2022 A day of family fun with Art, Music, Theatre and more! Come to our Fun Fest and enjoy some of the best Dining, Shopping and Cultural ...
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Kearney Cultural Partners

The Kearney Cultural Partners is a group of local businesses that have joined together to bringing a rich assortment of art, music, dance, theater, movies, hi ...
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Shirley Buettner

Shirley Buettner (1934-2008) described a love of her rural environment.
Categories: Education, Literature
Tags: poetry

Susanne George Bloomfield

Born on a farm in Minden, Nebraska, I moved to Kearney at age 13 when my father became Head of the Printing Department at Kearney State College. I spent my te ...

Susanne George Bloomfield's Visions of the West

• Adventures in the West: Stories for Young People. Eds. Susanne George Bloomfield and Eric Melvin Reed. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press, Fall 2007. ...
Categories: History, Literature
Tags: poetry

Prairie Art Brothers

Prairie Art Brothers is a small organization with a simple mission - to promote an awareness of locally based writers and poets and appreciation for their wor ...
Categories: Literature

Dwaine Spieker

Who is Dwaine Spieker? One of university of Nebraska-Kearney’s most accomplished graduates! One of Nebraska’s most award-winning poets! A teacher with a heart ...
Categories: Education, Literature
Tags: poetry

George Ayoub

Along with his stories and fiction, George Ayoub published thousands of columns not only in his home paper, "The Grand Island Independent," but in other paper ...
Categories: Literature
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