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Kearney Area Community Foundation

The goal of Kearney Area Community Foundation is to enhance the quality of living in our community by promoting the spirit of charitable giving.
Annually in November Kearney Area Community Foundation "Give Where You Live" promotes a 24-hour fundraising event to rally community support for local non-profit charitable causes.

We feel that the Kearney Area Community Foundation is an essential asset for the Kearney area. We support more than 160 funds by partnering with numerous organizations and individuals to provide scholarships, enhance parks, encourage community leadership, promote education and help those in need.  Donated funds have helped such organization such as Crane River Theatre, Buffalo County Historical Society, Safe Center, Kearney Public Library, Friends of Law Enforcement.

The “Building for Tomorrow Grant” typically funds projects or programs in the Kearney area and surrounding communities. If you would like to discuss your grant idea and verify if your proposal or organization qualifies please call us at the phone number below.

The Kearney Area Community Foundation manages over 50 scholarship funds. The criteria for scholarships is quite varied so please give us a call to determine if you are eligible to apply.

For more information about the Kearney Area Community Foundation please visit our website by clicking our logo on the left. If you would like to make a donation that would be awesome!

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