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John Reddy Local Grocery in Kearney NE
Candi’s Kearney Impressions

Reddy’s Grocery Store John Reddy owned and operated a neighborhood grocery store on 4th Avenue…

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Yanney Park Botanical Gardens Sculpture

Coming from the south parking area, passing the joyful squeals from the splash pad, you…

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MONA 2021 KHS Exhibit South Wall East Gallery
Kearney School Student Art Exhibits 2021-22

According to Mikaela Richmond, Art Teacher at Kearney’s Park and Northeast Elementary Schools, student art…

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Ryan McGinnis Prairie Landsccape Cover
Susanne George Bloomfield’s Visions of the West

Adventures in the West: Stories for Young People. Eds. Susanne George Bloomfield and Eric Melvin…

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Conflicting Reports cover
Nebraska – Conflicting Reports

This title speaks to the variety of Chuck’s experiences, the difficulty of making something out…

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Poetry for Kids Book Cover - Carl Sandburg
Poetry for Kids – Carl Sandburg

In Poetry for Kids: Carl Sandburg you’ll find many classics, some of which you may…

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Carl Sandburg and the Sunburnt West Commemorative Poster, 2015
Carl Sandburg ‘s Sunburnt West in Nebraska

In this 2015 production of “Prayers for the People” Sandburg’s collection of poems in “Slabs…

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Prayers for the People, Carl Sandburg's Poetry and Songs,2011.
Carl Sandburg’s Poetry and Songs

Produced by Kate Benzel, this 2011 Sandburg performance, focuses on his Chicago Poems and blues…

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