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Candi’s Kearney Impressions

Reddy’s Grocery Store
John Reddy owned and operated a neighborhood grocery store on 4th Avenue in Kearney for many years. I first met him when my dad would take me and my sisters for dime purchases of penny candy. Carefully selecting a chocolate star, peanut butter cup (way before they became big), licorice twist, etc., Mr. Reddy calmly listened to our order and placed our choices in a white paper bag. A great transaction. My grandma purchased her soda pop, especially root beer from John. I was completely unaware of the student mob moments. In junior high, lunch times were crowded and noisy with many teenage customers clamoring for slices of cheese, Fritos, candy coins, powdered donuts and soda, to name a few. Mr. Reddy handled it all with the same calm service, as in less congested times. Many fond memories of him and his small store represented by this work.

Harmon Park Starry Night
For me the best park remains Harmon Park in Kearney, Nebraska. When I was a kid, the rock garden provided secluded spots to explore and enjoy. While the lighthouse possessed mysterious origins to ponder. What was behind the door? Why was it there? Of course, loving Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh prompted me to try my own hand at capturing this favored place in that style.

Kearney 150th Sesquicentennial
In 2023 Kearney celebrates 150 years established as a thriving community on the plains. Official start date for the town was declared in 1873, and I depict two early American settlers. Mrs. Martin Slattery, first American woman in Kearney, she arrived in 1866. Also, George Carson, an American cowboy who arrived in 1867. The Pawnee people lived here for hundreds of years, but were no longer living here when Kearney became a town.

Camel’s Cafe
For delicious food, especially hot roast beef sandwiches with hash browns or fresh baked pies, Camel’s Cafe on west 24th provided the goods. Many owners operated this windmill themed restaurant. Depicted in this rendition, top to bottom, are Johanna Scheihing, gracious owner, Goldie, wonderful cook and pie maker, and Sally Pernod, great waitress. You could always find a lovely meal here!

Kraken Loves George’s Skinless Weiners
I created Kearney Krakens to find a fun way to show Kearney sites, especially from the past. Krakens can live in the Platte River, Cottonmill Lake, or the sewers of Kearney. This particular Kraken loves skinless weiners that he could only get from his friends, George and Eli, at George’s Market. Always delicious and provided with cheerful service. Who wouldn’t want to shop there?

Toys of Kaufmann-Wernert
The toys resided in the basement of Kaufmann-Wernert and what a diverse group existed in this domain. In the 1960s some of the choices included GI Joe, Barbie, troll dolls with wild hair, and rock ‘em sock’em robots. Depicted in this scene, some basement escapees check out the exterior decorations for the store and display their availability as gifts.

Harmon Park Star Bright
A friend asked me to create another version of the Harmon Park Lighthouse for her husband, who grew up in Kearney. It seems he possessed unique memories based on his own boyhood rock garden adventures, especially with the lighthouse. So version 2 with variations created.

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Candace Imming  Painter and Photographer
Born and raised in Kearney for 22 years, Candi's passion for painting and later photography became this artist's tools for expressing her love for her home town, Kearney Nebraska.

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