Candace Imming

My ideas and imagination become visible using photography, paint, and mixed media. A left brained mind with right brain tendencies.

My proudest moment as a photographer involved my image selected for the “Grandstand to Gallery” project at the MFA Boston. This was part of the Fenway Park 100th birthday celebration in 2012. I loved seeing it hang in the MFA and I am not sure I will ever top it. So, I am using my collage portrait of that for here, since I think it a bit more fun.

Born and raised in Kearney for 22 years, I moved east to explore and experience new life conditions. First, Omaha and then Massachusetts. I attended Kearney schools with a primary interest in science, although I always loved the arts. After graduating from Kearney State, I taught secondary science for awhile, but then moved to the business world. Working with software engineers in Omaha and in Hopkinton, Massachusetts for thirty years offered great experiences in a rapidly changing high tech world. Never a dull moment and always new things to learn. At the same time I worked on improving my photography skills and eventually added painting.

Currently, I enjoy creating in various mediums and improving my execution. Because I am a photographer, I have no interest in becoming a realistic painter. I prefer to use expressionistic styles for my acrylic creations. A few years ago, I started creating images based upon Kearney memories that do not really exist as photographs. However, I did need access to some photographs to help create them. This started my quest for images of people, places, and food from my Kearney past. My first target was Mr, John Reddy, who owned and operated Reddy’s grocery store on 4th Avenue. I finally found an image with his head about the size of a dime and took multiple tries to get him recognizable in acrylic paint. Truly the challenge, and I probably need to try again. I used it for a holiday card and it proved a big hit for those who knew him. That began the start of my Kearney memory creations.

I do other things like abstracts, still life, portraits, collage, and political drawings, etc., but I really enjoy doing my Kearney work. This seems to be a perfect place to share them. Besides paintings, I do color pencil drawings and manipulate digital images.

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