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Thalken-Tesdall-Thalken, early photo of the trio
Thalken Tribute

When the news broke in Kearney that the Thalkens were retiring and Kearney Floral would…

Thalken Family Photo
Thalken Family

It’s a humbling thing to be asked to contribute our small story to Kearney Creates,…

Timberline 50th Reunion Concert Merryman Performing Arts Center 10-1-2021 Party Over
Salestrom Family

Our family certainly has a musical history.  Mom’s mother Clare was an amazing piano player…

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Butters Family Disneyland Entire Family Joins To Celebrate Tom And Velda's 50th Anniversary
Butters Family

It took a while to wrangle this crazy artistic family together. The story of the…

Kelsey Baxter 2022
Baxter Family Generation 5

In just over two decades, Kelsey Baxter – 1994, has already created a body of…

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Edna Thompson Baxter - 1988
Baxter Family Generation 3

The Woodcarving DuoCharles Baxter, the only child of Ruth Gordon Hubbard, was trained in art…

Kevin Baxter 2015
Baxter Family Generation 4

The Business Takes OffKevin Baxter 2015The eldest son of Charles and Edna Baxter, Kevin Baxter…

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Ruth Mae Gordon -1919
Baxter Family Generation 2

The Young PainterRuth Gordon was born January 21, 1902, in Lexington, Dawson County, Nebraska, the…

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