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Merryman Performing Arts Center

In 2006, Kearney Public Schools alumnus Robert M. Merryman and local institutional supporters, including the Ron and Carol Cope Foundation, and the Scott D. M ...

Margaret's Thanksgiving

Fall has come to Cottonwood Corner, and with the cold and the evenings turning dark so early, it's a sure thing Winter is knocking on the door. Dogs and cats ...
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Stages and Stagings

At this stage in the life of the gray wolf. What? You expected me to begin “All the World Is a Stage”? But stages, in all shapes and sizes and for all purpose ...
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Reflecting on the First Year of "Kearney Creates"

As we look down Central Avenue in Kearney, Nebraska, we see an endless roadway with a clear path forward. This limitless horizon encourages us to reflect on o ...
Categories: History

Dancing in Kearney

"Our bodies are designed to move and there's something intrinsic within us that wants us not only to move, but to move rhythmically." ~ Bob Miller
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Kearney's Musical Life - Mosaic of Music II

1733 Ballroom. People came from 100 miles around to dance there. Certainly the bands would cover songs like Fred Astaire’s “Cheek to Cheek,” Carter Family’s “ ...
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Kearney's Musical Life - Mosaic of Music 1

Early music in pioneer Kearney is found in the Native peoples' music culture of the Great Plains, so rich in diversity and developed from their cultural tradi ...
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History of Art in Kearney

Kearney's art is a wealth of its dramatic history and unique demonstration of topics and media.
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Kearney's Landscape Art

Nebraska's sky and clouds offer artists a magic panorama. Various landscape techniques from Europe influenced many Kearney painters, both then and today.
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Artists' Perspectives

The Museum of Nebraska Art (MONA) offers a history of Kearney's artists. Javier Fox and Pat Jones reveal their views about their art.
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