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World Theatre Marquee Partnership with Kearney Area Arts Council and Jazz at the World
The World Theatre

All true. All part of the history. But the story is much fuller than just…

Butters Family Disneyland Entire Family Joins To Celebrate Tom And Velda's 50th Anniversary
Butters Family

It took a while to wrangle this crazy artistic family together. The story of the…

from Kearney native Candi Imming
Locally Grown

Before our series celebrating Kearney’s Sesquicentennial, Kearney Creates had already given some attention to Jon…

Armen-Gerd Kuckhoff
Armin-Gerd Kuckhoff

Armin-Gerd spent the early years of his life in a monastery children’s home, later he…

Stages and Stagings

At this stage in the life of the gray wolf. What? You expected me to…

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Kearney Cultural Partners
Kearney Cultural Partners

The Kearney Cultural Partners is a group of local businesses that have joined together to…

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YMCA Creative Arts Program for Children

In the late 1980s Scott Morris donated a downtown building, giving Kearney’s YMCA its first…

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Kearney Community Theatre
Kearney Community Theatre

Performing theatre for the community, by the community!

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