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Shirley Buettner c 1950s
Shirley Buettner

Shirley Buettner (1934-2008) described a love of her rural environment.

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Susanne Bloomfield
Susanne George Bloomfield

Born on a farm in Minden, Nebraska, I moved to Kearney at age 13 when…

Bob and Rusty on his ranch
Bob Kerby

Bob Kerby was born in Colorado June 22, 1929. He was 6 years old and…

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Jack Karracker
Jack Karracker

Jack will be fondly remembered as an artist, educator and museum founder. He was one…

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Larry Peterson

Drawing his inspiration from the prairie landscapes and seasons, Larry Peterson revealed to audiences the…

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Jon Bokenkamp Executive Producer, Screen Writer for "The Blacklist"
Jon Bokenkamp

Kearney’s Jon Bokenkamp has always had the determination to get in to film. “When I’ve…

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Diane Martelle Sciachitano Artist self portrait
Diane Martelle Sciachitano

Diane is one half of the Shockitanos music duo. She runs an Art School with…

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Dwaine Spieker Award Winning Poet and Teacher
Dwaine Spieker

Who is Dwaine Spieker? One of University of Nebraska-Kearney’s most accomplished graduates! One of Nebraska’s…

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