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George Ayoub

Along with his stories and fiction, George Ayoub published thousands of columns not only in his home paper, "The Grand Island Independent," but in other paper ...
Categories: Literature

Brad Driml

Brad is a person who is larger than life and yet likes to be invisible. He has lived in Kearney most of his life and in that time, has branched out into many ...
Categories: Art, Theatre

Mike Sciachitano

Growing up in Des Moines, IA. with a musical family, it seemed only natural for Mike to become a full-time musician. He traveled and performed with bands for ...
Categories: Music
Tags: musician, play video

Terry Lee Schifferns

Terry Lee's poems center on her personal experiences - love, life, family, nature, and even her pets. She gets Real. And thus she built her Yurt to give other ...
Categories: Literature

Doreen Pfost

Doreen's love of Nebraska nature fuels her book "This River Beneath the Sky" about seasons on the Platte River.
Categories: Literature

Brad Modlin

"The job of the writer is to notice crickets before they hop away. Keep a notebook handy - I say to my grad students. We want to tell our readers - Quick  see ...
Categories: Literature

W. Jason Miller

"I had the distinct honor of studying under Chuck Peek and Kate Benzel while playing basketball at UNK from 1989-93 under Tom Kropp and Jerry Heuser." We who ...
Categories: Literature

A. B. Emrys

"Most writers - and many readers - groove a particular channel of popular fiction, but some of us are magpies. For me, what holds all pop lit I have consumed, ...
Categories: Literature

Craig Link

"Being a musician in Kearney has been an amazing experience for me and given me the opportunity to play with many outstanding musicians and wonderful friends. ...
Categories: Music
Tags: musician

Nathan Tye

Nathan is able to research his interest in hobos, as an historian at the University of Nebraska-Kearney where he teaches courses on Nebraska history, digital ...
Categories: Literature

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