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Ruth Behlmann

Granny B.-aka Ruth Ann Behlmann-became interested in photography when she was very young. Her two older sisters let her put the film into their box cameras. I ...
Categories: Education

Marilyn Musick

Currently, Marilyn is organist at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Kearney, and a Collaborative Pianist at University of Nebraska-Kearney.
Categories: Music
Tags: musician, play video

Shirley Buettner

Shirley Buettner (1934-2008) described a love of her rural environment.
Categories: Education, Literature
Tags: poetry

Susanne George Bloomfield

Born on a farm in Minden, Nebraska, I moved to Kearney at age 13 when my father became Head of the Printing Department at Kearney State College. I spent my te ...

Bob Kerby

Bob Kerby was born in Colorado June 22, 1929. He was 6 years old and playing in La Junta, CO, where his parents were building contractors. He saw two cowboys ...
Categories: Art
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Jack Karracker

Jack will be fondly remembered as an artist, educator and museum founder. He was one of three people who founded the Museum of Nebraska Art. He was honored to ...
Categories: Art, Education
Tags: artist

Larry Peterson

Drawing his inspiration from the prairie landscapes and seasons, Larry Peterson revealed to audiences the magic of the Plains in both his artwork and art inst ...
Categories: Art, Education
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Jon Bokenkamp

Kearney's Jon Bokenkamp has always had the determination to get in to film. “When I’ve made it in films, I want to reflect and see what a goof ball I was and ...
Categories: Theatre
Tags: media

Diane Martelle Sciachitano

Diane is one half of the Shockitanos music duo. She runs an Art School with all levels of visual art opportunities and experiences.  Her Art School has indivi ...
Categories: Art
Tags: artist, musician

Dwaine Spieker

Who is Dwaine Spieker? One of university of Nebraska-Kearney’s most accomplished graduates! One of Nebraska’s most award-winning poets! A teacher with a heart ...
Categories: Education, Literature
Tags: poetry

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