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Diane Martelle Sciachitano Artist self portrait
Diane Martelle Sciachitano

Diane is one half of the Shockitanos music duo. She runs an Art School with…

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Dwaine Spieker Award Winning Poet and Teacher
Dwaine Spieker

Who is Dwaine Spieker? One of University of Nebraska-Kearney’s most accomplished graduates! One of Nebraska’s…

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George Ayoub - Author and Independent Columnist
George Ayoub

Along with his stories and fiction, George Ayoub published thousands of columns not only in…

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Brad Driml

Brad is a person who is larger than life and yet likes to be invisible.…

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Mike Sciachitano

Growing up in Des Moines, IA. with a musical family, it seemed only natural for…

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Terry Lee Schifferns Poet
Terry Lee Schifferns

Terry Lee’s poems center on her personal experiences – love, life, family, nature, and even…

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Doreen Pfost Nature Writer
Doreen Pfost

Doreen’s love of Nebraska nature fuels her book “This River Beneath the Sky” about seasons…

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Brad Modlin, Reynolds Chair,, Univ of Nebraska-Kearney
Brad Modlin

“The job of the writer is to notice crickets before they hop away. Keep a…

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