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George Ayoub

Mildred Bennett Award winning columnist, Author, Biographer

Along with his stories and fiction, George Ayoub published thousands of columns not only in his home paper, “The Grand Island Independent,” but in other papers in the chain such as the “Kearney Hub.”

When not in the stands rooting for University of Nebraska at Kearney baseball and his catcher son Max, George was well known for his annual portrayals of Scrooge in “The Christmas Carol” and his work as biographer and ghost writer. He also gathered a writers group at Alley Rose for writer talk and exchange.

from George’s column on Graduation Advice in “Kearney Hub” May, 22, 2014
“Grads get free advice on living, thinking, dreaming”
* Nobody knew what it meant then, either, although I remember many of us recent or soon-to-be graduates contented ourselves by believing “Plastics” symbolized a superficial world of one rat race after another
* “A little prep work never hurts. The graduation cake always falls frosting side down.”
“Rat race winners remain rats.”
* “If you miss the lesson of a loss, you lose twice.”
* “Exercise your body, exercise your mind, exercise your soul, exercise your spirit.”
* “Hate is too valuable an emotion to waste on someone you don’t even like.”
* “Integrity, dignity, and compassion are more than words in a commencement address.”
* “Love unconditionally. Your family and friends need the break.”
* “And one final piece of advice for the 2014 season:”
“Plastics.” (Hey, you decide.)

Written by Chuck Peek
* Shon Barenklau Sun, Dec 20, 2020, 5:58 PM to George, me and George
* George Ayoub - "Confluence--John Gottshalk's Life of Duty, Service, and the Business of News". Teewinot Publishing, 2020.

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