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Johann Salvator von Habsburg

Johann visited UNK during a special program for Austrian students to learn English and about the old West in which his daughter took part.

Archduke Johann Salvator von Habsburg comes from Bad Ischel in the heart of the Salzkammergut in Austira, and now resides in the Salzkammergut, lives in Traunkirchen and owns a hunting lodge that belonged to the Emperor in Offensee.

Here’s the historic lineage-His Great-grand parents were Emperor Franz Joseph I and Empress Elisabeth. His Grandmother was the youngest daughter of the Emperor and Empress Marie Valerie. His Grandfather was Duke Franz Salvator Habsburg-Lothringen from the Tuscan line of the Habsburgs. His father, Hubert Salvator, was the third child of 10. His mother was Rosemary Princess of Salm-Salm. He is the 12th child of 13 and an Austrian Archduke. A royal designation that only exists in Austria, and that Rudolf IV, the writer, also had. Archduke is equivalent to Prince.

Editor’s Notes:
If the name isn’t ringing any bells, go back to the history of how the Great War began. And a further note-as KSC-UNK’s point man for all things international, Jerry Fox tried to get the hunting lodge onto the list of stops for a river cruise line. Alas, despite its connections to all that started the Great War, the cruise line turned it down. And of course-wouldn’t a Senior College course in Austrian place names be fun. Maybe the class prize could be a night at the hunting lodge.

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