Terry Sinnard

Music Editor. Vocals, Bass Guitar, Trombone. Terry is a true connoisseur of the arts in Kearney. He generously supports with his attendance and music expertise, and performing in bands, which have been seen in various Kearney venues from large stages to corner coffee shops.

"Kearney is an amazing place to live.  It has blessed me with great musical friends and collaborators.  This project Kearney Creates honors those who have made Kearney such a special place for the arts." ~ Terry Sinnard

Being a musician in Kearney allowed me to experience playing all kinds of music with a lot of different musicians.  It has been an amazing ride.  While I was never a road musician like many of the local guys, being able to play close enough to drive home after the gig and be there for family meant the world to me.

I was born in Grand Island and grew up in Hastings.  My music career started in the 7th grade with a band called The Corporation Blues Band.  So much fun! Funny story!  This long-haired guy, Timm Hartman, asked me Do you want to be in a band?  “Sure” I said and that was that – oh, I played trombone.  My brother Mike joined as the lead singer.  We did songs from Sam and Dave, Santana, Chicago, Ides of March, The Impressions.  But in high school, our bass player moved away, and so I said “Sure” again, and have never looked back.

One group lead to another – High Voltage and The Fabulous Suns at Hastings College. There I was introduced to the college jazz band, which meant reading charts and playing difficult music – all new music.  John Mills, Director of the jazz band, asked me to play in his combo.  “Sure” I said.  We played big band music, then disco and country.

In 1981, I began playing with Kearney locals.  I met Wes Hird, a great influence on Kearney’s music scene, when I was playing with Jim Kaiser – both friendships have been long-lasting through my Kearney music.  Jami Fristo introduced me into Jasmine; I’ve also played in Yikes Band, The Wizards, with Mike Adams, Get Off My Lawn, Code Blue, Blue Plate Special, and Blackberry Winter Band.

In 2015 I changed my day job, and began working as an Application Support Specialist at Kearney Public Schools.  As this job centers around computer software, it influences my audio production with my bands’ performances.

Written by Terry Sinnard, musician
* Photo by Kerri Garrison

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