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“Wes still commands the best of what music is being in the moment and providing whatever someone wants to hear. We just needed one of us to kind of remember the tune and off we would go.” ~ Terry Sinn …

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“But probably my greatest joy is playing a vintage Hammond B3 organ in Blackberry Winter and other bands since the late 1960s.” ~ Steve Jacobi

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For music fans with a hearty appetite! Whether covers or originals, their songs give the audience a feeling for American Roots music, music that sounds our history of American memories.

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The Kearney Opera House provided the music spirit that initially sets the stage for our pleasure and appreciation of the Kearney music artistry today.

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Sandburg’s affection for the West – its poetry and songs – is revived in this 2014 production, 85 years after his 1929 visit to Colorado.  Appropriately this fantastic program takes place in the shado …

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Productions. 2007-2008 Sandburg’s Prairie Poetry and Songs – Merryman Performing Arts Center, Kearney NE. 2011 Sandburg’s Poetry and Songs – University of Illinois. 2014 Carl Sandburg and the Sunburnt …

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Probably “Prayers for the People: Carl Sandburg’s Poetry and Songs” is my most loved achievement  because these productions allowed me to bring all that I loved to one stage: music, poetry, stories, A …

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