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Nathan Tye, Historian, Research Specialist.
Nathan Tye

Nathan is able to research his interest in hobos, as an historian at the University…

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Poetry for Kids Book Cover - Carl Sandburg
Poetry for Kids – Carl Sandburg

In Poetry for Kids: Carl Sandburg you’ll find many classics, some of which you may…

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Josephine Homan Catlin, Untitled, 1908.
Kearney’s Literary Artistry

On Kearney Creates website you’ll discover a full portrait of Kearney’s writing life from early times…

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Carl Sandburg and the Sunburnt West Commemorative Poster, 2015
Carl Sandburg ‘s Sunburnt West in Nebraska

In this 2015 production of “Prayers for the People” Sandburg’s collection of poems in “Slabs…

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Prayers for the People, Carl Sandburg's Poetry and Songs,2011.
Carl Sandburg’s Poetry and Songs

Produced by Kate Benzel, this 2011 Sandburg performance, focuses on his Chicago Poems and blues…

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Prayers for the People, Carl Sandbug's Prairie Poems and Songs, Merryman Performing Arts Center, Kearney NE, 2008.
Carl Sandburg’s Prairie Poetry and Songs

This is the first of the Prayers for the People performance produced by Kate Benzel.…

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Rick Marlatt Writer Pushcart Prize Poet
Rick Marlatt

Rick’s work bridges the fields of teacher education, creative writing, digital literacies, literature study, and…

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Kassandra Montag Writer Author
Kassandra Montag

After the Flood is an epic saga of a future where the world has been…

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