Jason Armagost

Growing into what he is today.

When Jason does retire from the Air Force it is his hope to be a writer.

Jason is the first- born of three sons to a Mother and Father with educational backgrounds, so we knew he was an avid learner at an early age. The nightly routine of reading spawned his passion for books. By middle school he would request math or science books and read them like a novel. In high school he was very competitive with his friends in the science and math areas, so when he walked out of his ACT Exam and said-I didn’t miss any on the math section-we were not surprised.

Jason entered the United States Air Force Academy in 1988 on the heels of the original Top Gun movie 0f 1986. He learned to manage the rigorous academic schedule but found his niche in the English Department – especially with literature and writing. He still managed to earn a slot in pilot training which led him to fly the F-16, with missions in Desert Storm, the B-2 in the Shock and Awe mission to Baghdad, as well as other bombers like the B-1 and B-52. He is currently the Commander of The Eighth Air Force which oversees all bombers and missiles at five bases and is part of the Central Command.

A career highlight was a Fellowship at Stanford University, mostly for the writers and thinkers he had the opportunity to meet; Victor Davis Hansen, Thomas Sohl, and Condalesa Rice, to mention a few.

With all of his busy work responsibilities and being a great husband and father to four successful children, it is priceless to see his collection of 2000 pounds of well read books-that is all the Air Force would allow in a move .

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