Allan Jenkins

Allan Jenkins was for years a respected Economics Professor at UNK, where he was also active in Faculty Governance. Now retired, Allan is still teaching, another instance of how often it is hard to tell who is retired and who not in these post-COVID-19 times. He has taught some on campus but has also taught for the Kearney Senior College.

Allan’s emergence as a writer was presaged by his work as an editor. Long ago he acted as General Editor for the UNK publication entitled The Platte River-An Atlas of the Big Bend Region. More recently he has again been the editor of a book designed and printed by Morris Press of Kearney. The book is titled Hemp-The Return of the Ancient Partner and addresses the groundswell of opinion distinguishing hemp from marijuana and favoring legalizing the production and sale of hemp which was once a staple of the Nebraska landscape and something familiar to every farmstead. The book was distributed to every member of the Nebraska State Legislature.

His poem, appearing here, was written for that publication. We hope in future entries to include a sample of his venture into song writing as well.

My History With Hemp by author Allan JenkinsJenkins Allan Return of an Ancient Partner-Hemp book coverThe Return of an Ancient Partner Hemp
Allan Jenkins, Ed.
Design & Printing by Morris Press
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