The concerts take place in the historic Harmon Park’s Sonatorim, built in 1924.  At that time, the Sonatorium was a premiere Nebraska Outdoor venue with electricity and lights.  However, there is a fundraiser in process that will update the Sonatorium’s space, electricity, its stage presentation and cover, and lights. Maintaining the history and uniqueness of the Sonatorium is the primary goal in its restoration.

Brad Driml, current President of the Arts Council, talked about the long-running Summer concert series in a previous “Hub” article: “We’ve been presenting these concerts for more than 40 years. The format doesn’t change a lot. It’s a matter of ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ We see a wide range in the ages of our audience and, of course, in the size of the audience.”

Summer 2021

June 6th – Bases Loaded
June 13th – The Bottle Tops
June 20th – Flatwater Jazz
July 4th – Code Blue
July 11th – Blue Plate Special
July 18th – Raw Slang
July 25th – D.J. Bridwell
August 1st – Blackberry Winter